Commodity Trading & Futures Execution

Linn & Associates specializes in complex order execution in both open outcry commodity markets and electronic futures markets.

Open Outcry:

  • Our own members on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade execute in both options and futures.
  • Qualified clients receive a direct link via headset for a bid/ask.
    We offer special broker relationships with CME, KCBOT, NYMEX and COMEX.
    We provide Introducing Affiliates with the ability to go directly to the exchanges with size orders.

Electronic execution:

  • CTA and Introducing Broker/professional desk
  • Order desk staffed with experienced clerks that can assist you in entering orders
  • Multiple third-party platforms to choose from
  • Enter orders online that route direct to the exchanges using the Linn Trade Platform system

Some of our special and unique services include:

  • Access to major US & world exchanges and markets
  • A Unique order entry system for electronic markets that allows:
  • Ability to group orders and quantities by account number
  • Ability to pre-set allocations
  • Ability to pre-set batch allocations
  • Accurate, timely, and professional accounting
  • Access to members on open outrcry floors with headset communications for fast bid/ask
  • Special option abilities in
  • Grains
  • Give ups & transfers available and welcome
  • Competitive rates

For more information or to talk to an execution team member, email execution@linnllc.com or call 800-254-1753.


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